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Everything starts at the drawing board to make this process proceeds smoothly everything 3D drawn in full composition. 

Basing its standards and codes that apply to a product are required material thicknesses, construction and hoisting calculated taking into account wind - and snow load.

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An important added value Siemerink has for its clients is the in-house calculation and drawing of products. Based on applicable standards and codes, Siemerink calculates the required material thicknesses, construction and hoisting facilities, and wind and snow loads.


Siemerink conforms to the requirements of           

  • EN 14015

  • PGS 29

  • API

  • Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

  • EN13445

  • ASME VIII Div 1 en Div 2

  • Regels Toestellen Onder Druk (RTOD)

  • AD Merkblätter

  • Britisch Standard 

  • EN1090      

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Siemerink's office and production facility is located at Centraleweg in Geertruidenberg. The company has a site on the nearby river Donge. Products are usually transported to the client over the water from this site.


Siemerink has the following facilities for its production facility in Geertruidenberg:    

workshop 5.000 m² 

outdoor area 11.000 m² 

Overhead travelling and portal cranes (up to 70 t).

Siemerink can build storage tanks on location by the client. 

The company has special mounting equipment that can be installed onsite for this purpose. The building system makes use of a special jack-up system: no scaffolding required and all work can be executed on ground level. 



Metalwork runs in the Siemerinks family.

Our history goes back to the year 1676 when the first member of the Siemerink family set up shop as a blacksmith in the east of the country focusing among other things on manufacturing waffle irons. In the centuries that followed the name Siemerink continued to be associated with blacksmiths and metalworkers, particularly in the 'Twente' region aroud the village of Oldenzaal.

Coming from 'Twente' the current Siemerink company was established in Geertruidenberg in 1954.

The company prospered and developed rapidly. Its activities increasingly focused on manufacturing construction work.


In the early 1970's the first storage tank was built at the request of a client. In the years that followed the company became a specialist in the field of engineering and construction of storage tanks, pressure vessels, chimneys, process vessels etc. This is the focus of the Siemerink BV today.


The company is now led by the 3rd generation and is still a family-owned business.

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